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Located in the center of the Barolo Wine territory, FRANCO MOLINO is an ancient winery, whose origin date back to the forties when the great grandfather, during one of his business trips, discovered the hills of the Langhe: he was so enthusiastic about the wonderful land he found that he decided to move there. Immediately he came back with the whole family and he settled in the small village of La Morra, were he also bought the farmhouse CASCINA ROCCA and several vineyards. 

Now the Winery FRANCO MOLINO manage about 10 hectares of vineyards, all located in the Barolo production area. The Vineyards are: Bricco Zuncai and Vigna Sarmassa (Barolo), Rocche dell’Annunziata and Bricco Rocca (La Morra), Villero (Castiglione Falletto).

Agriturismo CASCINA ROCCA (Bed & Breakfast) was born in 1999,esterna piscina 001b thanks to the restructuring of the old farmhouse. In Agriturismo CASCINA ROCCA you can choose between 8 comfortable rooms where you will spend a quiet, pleasant holiday in the countryside, in contact with the nature and the typical traditions of the Langhe. In 2017 was built a cosy, exclusive swimming pool in the facing garden, this will let you refresh your stays.


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I was born and grown up in the countryside, in the same place where I actually live with my family. In the high school I studied English, French and German. Suddenly I have been in Germany for 6 months and in England for 3 months to improve the knowledge of my languages. In 1990, I started to work at home in my parent’s wine cellar and soon we started to export our first bottles in Germany and Switzerland. When I started the bottle production was very small and the distribution was limited to the local market (Piedmont and Lombardy). For several years I traveled through Germany and Switzerland to present my wines. Year by year I have been able to expand the distribution in Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, France, England, Northern Ireland and also overseas, USA, Canada and Japan. Compared to the initial few hundred bottles, we actually produce about 40,000 bottles a year. I practically manage both the B&B and the winery on marketing and bureaucratic matters, I like to travel and to always meet different people and places, to learn new stories, traditions and cultures. And of course, tell about mines, proud of the little, difficult but awesome world I come from: the passion for the land we hardly work and the love for our family!

The vineyard maintenance and the winery production are managed by my husband Piercarlo Bergadano, with the support of a good winemaker and an Oenologist. 

While my parents are now much less active, my father keeps the farm in rows and my mother takes care of my 3 children, which I hope that will follow our footprints one day!

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