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The BERGADANO Wine Cellar was founded in 1974 by Cavalier Enrico Bergadano. Today it is the son Piercarlo Bergadano who runs the family business, following the advice of the expert winemaker Sergio Molino.

Now the Winery BERGADANO manage about 2 hectares of vineyards, located all in the Barolo production area. The Vineyards are located in Barolo, Monforte and Novello.

The Vineyard SARMASSA, in particular, is a prestigious Cru’ which is located through the best hills of the Barolo area. That treasure is the flagship of this small winery. Every year we get one of our best Barolo from this vineyard.

The BERGADANO wine cellar also produces: Barolo, Langhe Nebbiolo and Barbera d’Alba.

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